Published: May 11, 2014

Role Perceptions and Responsibilities in Children's Early Childhood Education: A Case Study of Indian Migrants in Melbourne

1- 15 Sweta Patel, Joseph Seyram Agbenyega

Practices of Teachers' in Implementing Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluationan Exploratory Study

16- 32 Vanita Chopra, Ranjana Bhatia

Developing the Organisational Justice Scale and Examining Teachers' and School Administrators' Views about Organisational Justice in Primary Schools

33-50 Hasan Basri Memduhoðlu, Ali Ýhsan Yildiz

A Study of Teacher Effectiveness, General Intelligence and Creativity of Secondary School Teachers

51 - 65 Kamalpreet Kaur Toor

Alternative Assessment: Analytical Rubric in Assessing Multimedia Communication Skills in 21st Century Landscape

66- 75 Azizi Alias, Kamisah Osman

Emotional Intelligence as Related to Gender, Stream and Social Intelligence

76-87 Ishita Ghaonta, Pawan Kumar

Implications of the Mismatch Between Training and Placement in Teacher Training Colleges: A Case of Mosoriot Teachers Training College, Kenya

88-100 Joseph Amulioto Opanda

Is Self-Efficacy a Key Factor for Effective Teacher Educators?

101-110 Swati Gupta, Vandana Goswami

Accessing the General Curriculum for Students with Learning Disabilities: Challenges and Opportunities

111-122 Serefete Molosiwa, Sourav Mukhopadhyay, Emmanuel Moswela

Attitude of Undergraduate Students Towards the use of E-Learning

123-135 Neelam Dhamija