Published: May 24, 2017

Leadership Effectiveness and Teacher’s Job Satisfaction in Relation to School Effectiveness at Secondary Stage

1-13 Amit Kauts, Gagandeep Sharma

Tools of the Trade: Can Mobile Technologies Enhance the Learning Experience in a Tertiary Environment?

14-23 Catherine Snell-Siddle, Sarah Snell, Darrell Fisher

Quality, Ethics and Plagiarism Issues in Documents Generated Using Word Spinning Software

24-32 Don Nimal Kannangara

Integration Of A Socio-Critical and Problemoriented Approach in Chemistry Learning for Students' Soft Skills Development

33-41 Achmad Ridwan, Yuli Rahmawati, Nurbaity,

Assessing School Principals' Ethical Leadership Behaviours: A Cross-Sectional Study Among Turkish Teachers

42-50 Hilal Büyükgöze

Academic Achievement of Female Students at College Level In Relation to Their Family Environment And Locale

51-65 Nishta Rana, Shivani Kapoor

Use of Mobile Immersion in Foreign Language Teaching to Enhance Target Language Vocabulary Learning

66-82 Muhammad Shahbaz, Raja Muhammad Ishtiaq Khan

Assessing Iranian Middle-School Principals' Creativity and its Association with their Job Performance and Human Relations

83-94 Jafar Moharrami

Attitude of Teacher Trainees Towards Learning Through Powerpoint: A Case Study

95-106 Mool Raj Sharma, Kawal Preet Kour

Investigating the Use of Personal in Formation Management Strategies by Faculty Members of three Medical Sciences Universities in Iran

107-120 Alireza Shirazi, Mikaeil Molazadeh, Ahad Zeinali, Ghazale Geraily