This is a special Issue of the MIER Journal of Educational Studies, Trends and Practices being published to promote research studies conducted by first-time research scholars and teacher educators in colleges/ departments of education in North India.

Published: April 30, 2021

Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Co-Teaching for Special Educators


Occupational Stress of Women Teachers in Relation to Certain Demographic Variables

10-19 Anita Rani, Shaveta Sharma

Home Environment of Adolescents Studying in Eighth Class in Schools of Jammu District

20-30 Nishta Rana, Kimi Padhiar

The Predictive Influence of Peer Pressure and School Environment on Social Anxiety Disorder Among Adolescents

31-40 Isha Kapoor, Shaveta Sharma, Mohua Khosla

Study of Opinions Related to the Use of Bio- Enabled Attendance System for Improving Punctuality Among Teachers

41-52 Mool Raj, Tanishu Mahajan

Cognitive Styles as Related to Scientific Attitude Among Adolescents

53-62 Sandeep Kaur, Shaveta Sharma

Library Vandalism: Causes And Prevention


Depression Among Adolescents in Relation to Spiritual Intelligence and Mindfulness

72-81 Varghese P. J., Dr. Shaveta Sharma

Attitude of Secondary School Students Towards Science in Relation to Academic Achievement, Gender and Type of School

82-92 Monika Bajaj, Surita Devi

Inculcation and Promotion of Values Through Life Skills Education at the School Level