Talent Management Practices in Higher Educational Institutions- A Bibliometric Analysis





Employee Commitment, Organizational Performance, Sustainable Development, Bibliometric, Biblioshiny App


Talent management practices are becoming crucial in educational institutions. These practices seek to discover and develop the talents and abilities of educators, staff members and students, ensuring that the institution can deliver quality education while remaining competitive. The study attempts to identify important topics, trends, and notable publications in this field. The analysis covers numerous sources during a pre-determined period (2018-2022), including books, conference proceedings, and scholarly journals. The Bibliometric analyses were conducted using data from the Scopus database (Total Scopus Data=55), VOSViewer, the Bibliometrics library, and the Biblioshiny platform of the RStudio® software. The results show that several themes like significant authors, publications, references, institutions, and nations’ information have emerged as essential elements of talent management in educational settings. We also analyse the geographic distribution, regional differences and possible research areas for cross-cultural comparisons. This study analyses the literature on these themes and contributes to our understanding of how to handle talent management in educational institutions.


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Behera, R., & Behera, M. (2024). Talent Management Practices in Higher Educational Institutions- A Bibliometric Analysis. MIER Journal of Educational Studies Trends and Practices, 14(1), 193–225. https://doi.org/10.52634/mier/2024/v14/i1/2645





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