A Study of the Effect Of Mental Health on the Teaching Effectiveness of B.Ed. Student Teachers


  • Sunil M. Gawande Shikshan Mahavidhyalaya Katol, Dist-Nagpur




Inclusion, Collaboration, Co-teaching, Secondary School, Special Educator.


The WHO Department of Mental Health and substance abuse emphasizes that the number of persons exposed to extreme stressors is large and that exposure to extreme stressors is a risk factor for mental health and social problems. The work of the Department of Mental Health focuses mostly on resource poor countries in case of emergencies. In these countries most of the population is exposed to natural disasters and war like situations. The teacher should have a sound mental health as he or she needs to ensure all round development of students. Mentally healthy people have positive attitude towards their own group and other people. While Working in a group they always feel happy and show good behaviour, get guidance regarding studies and have satisfying personal relationships with pupils. Mentally healthy teachers make use of their natural capacities and they welcome new experiences and new ideas for ensuring the overall development of their students.


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Sunil M. Gawande. (2016). A Study of the Effect Of Mental Health on the Teaching Effectiveness of B.Ed. Student Teachers. MIER Journal of Educational Studies Trends and Practices, 6(1), 98–109. https://doi.org/10.52634/mier/2016/v6/i1/1459





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