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The study investigates the parents’ perspectives (mothers) of the challenges and opportunities posed by technology-related instruction for their wards with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) towards training and therapy. It considers both facilitation and barriers towards an evidence-based exploration to understand the factors from a viable and sustainable therapeutic standpoint. A structured interview schedule was designed and constructed to obtain rich qualitative data for analysis. The findings indicate the dire need expressed by parents to shift from online to offline learning environments for better management of individualised educational and therapeutic service demands of their autistic wards. The findings further indicate that parents support using video modelling, YouTube, Google Meet and other similar technologies for building digital skills, concentration and digital literacy among children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Autism Spectrum Disorder Challenges Opportunities Parents Perspectives Technology

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Chauhan, P., Pujari, J., Yadav, P., & Guha, S. (2022). Challenges And Opportunities of Technology Related Instruction For Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder: Parents Perspective. MIER Journal of Educational Studies Trends and Practices, 12(2), 320–337.


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